Plugin Name: WordPress Holidays
Plugin URI: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-holidays/
Description: Display candy holiday images on your blog
Last Version: 0.5.3
License: GPL

== Installation ==

1. Upload contents of the ZIP file to your wp-content/plugins folder.
2. Activate the “WordPress Holidays” plugin under the “Plugins” menu.
3. Check the WordPress Holidays Option under “Admin” menu and configure the basic options

if you want upgrade manualy:

1. Deactivate plugin
2. Delete old files
3. Upload new files

== Bugs/Support ==

You can use this page for bug reports,
suggestions or feature requests.

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  1. The holiday images are really nice but this plugin makes your WP code invalid.

    The reason is that
    – div tags are not allowed within the a tag
    – the closing “/” is missing in the image tag
    – the alt tag is not specified for the image