links for 2005-12-21

  • Project Net Tools © 2006 started as a small project containing some basic Net Tools to make certain procedures easier and faster to do for the network users, since then it kept growing. Net Tools is mainly written in Microsoft Visual Studio. Net Tools 4
  • This document lists all the message headers defined in the HTTP/1.1 protocol, with short descriptions. In the list, the name of the header is a link to its definition in the protocol itself. Note that some of the headers are also used in Internet E-mail a
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  • PhpWatchDog is a network monitor application, written in PHP. It’s a simple way to check if a service (HTTP, FTP, SSH, etc…) is running or not. PhpWatchDog can send email to the server’s administrator to alert about the malfunction.
  • VMware Workstation has always been (and still is) a commercial product, and you have to pay a fairly large sum to get your hands on it, but VMware have now released a free application dubbed “VMware Playerâ€?, which can run virtual machines produced by

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